We are a professional fastener manufacturing factory. It combines design, manufacture, inspection and sales together and has a large number of skilled business talent, qualified technician, high-tech production talents and talented managers. we have advanced production equipment and testing lab, and passed ISO9001 & TS16949 successfully.  

Main products:
1. A4-80 high strength, anticorrosive screws & bolts
2. Flat key, taper key & spline.
3. slotted screw, combination screw & car screw
4. high strength fasteners with B7/ B8/ L7 material
5. double end studs, threaded rod, U bolts
6. high-precision bushing, pins
7. Standard carbon steel and stainless steel fastener, grade 8.8 /10.9/12.9
Fastening serial products and services mainly refer to rail transit, communication engineering, aerospace, automobile assembly, military industry, water treatment and so on.

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Different fasteners for you.Accepted the drawings and trial orders.Do not hesitate to contact with us ! Email:intlsales@chinaflybear.com
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